Infinite Child 2

Infinite Child 2
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Friday, December 2, 2011

Finding the Joy in Simple Things

     I last posted on August 18 - now it's the first of December!  Where did the time go??
   We are still here at Sage Hills Golf & RV Resort.  This has been an incredibly busy time for us and we're truly enjoying our time here in Washington State.  I was raised in this state, although it was on the other side of the mountains, but it's nice to be "home".  We had hoped to have more time to explore, to visit with family, and to check out the food and wine here.  Alas, we just didn't get as much time as we would have liked - but we did manage to find some treasures.

Bob has had "Eat Kuamoto Oysters" on his bucket list for years.  Thanks to my Nephew Jeff and his lovely wife Kim we got to cross that one off the list - on one of their trips from the West Side to Moses Lake they dropped off fresh, beautiful Kuamoto and Miyagi oysters.  
What a treat - and it's easy to see why Kuamoto oysters are so highly regarded!   They were sweet, briny, and absolute "oyster perfection", a tiny bit of mignonette sauce made with Pinot Grigio vinegar was all that was needed besides a squeeze of lemon and a glass of sparkling wine to make a perfect light dinner.  We felt so spoiled.
     We enjoyed the lovely July evening and our luxurious dinner - looking out at the golf course as the sun was setting - such a pretty view!
The Sage Hills Golf Course at Sunset.  Beautiful!

Plank grilled parmesan cheese and grilled grapes - a delightful starter.
A few days later we took some time away from Sage Hills to visit with dear friends Jean & Roy at their home on the Peninsula.  It was their annual "after the 4th of July" party - and, as usual at Roy & Jean's, the food, wine, and company were outstanding.  Jean is an accomplished Chef who has been my inspiration for many years.  Every time we get together there's amazing food and great fun playing in her beautiful kitchen.  This visit was no exception; smoked prime rib, 3 different kinds of rolls, and more appetizers, salads, & goodies than you could shake a stick at - and that was just on day one! 
       That weekend was so much fun.  We stopped by Trader Joe's on our way home (full of inspiration) and picked up some great Brie and remembering an appetizer Jean had fixed for us on a previous visit  I got busy.   Cedar plank grilled Brie with mangoes, raspberries and a bit of sea salt.  Again, incredibly simple and yet luxurious food.

We enjoyed lots of  Saturday mornings at the Moses Lake Farmers' Market, then coming home and preparing the wonderful treasures from our day at the market.   Sweet corn, sweet red onions, and fresh fava beans made a perfect take off on a traditional Maque Choux,  an amazing side with Cajun seasoned grilled chicken!   
    Another day we found some beautiful organic beets - they were so sweet and fresh that a simple preparation was all that was needed.  Thanks go to Chef David Nelson (of Naughty Nelly's Fiery Foods and for the recipe for his perfectly delicious Beet Ravioli.  

We were so excited to find such a wealth of fresh, organic produce from which to choose from.  A fruit stand in Othello became a huge favorite with the grass fed beef they had for sale along with lots of great fruit and veggies.  For a foodie the Columbia Basin area was absolutely heaven!  
     Well next time - more of our foodie adventures, fun on the golf course, and great food!  

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