Infinite Child 2

Infinite Child 2
Our Beautiful Dolphin motorhome

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Day 1 - Finally on the road!

Friends asked me to do this blog to keep them up to date on our little relocation project from California to North Dakota, the experiences we have, and the food we find along the way and when we get there.  

I realize that the first thing most people think is "North Freaking Dakota?".  Yup, we really are going to North Dakota!  It was a plan we'd had for a long, long time - but we were thinking 18 months down the road.  The economy fixed that and moved the move date up.  Of course we know it's coming; but Bob's daughter and her mother came for a visit and no packing got done for a week.  Then I had a family emergency and had to leave town for 5 days and no packing got done then either.  The day after I arrived home company arrived from out of state.  We didn't do any packing that weekend.

I did some packing that next week.  But then we had company the following weekend.  Then the rush was on. We didn't get to go see Julie and Julia, we didn't get to try some restaurants we had wanted to try.  It was blitz time.  We didn't have time to stock up on all the ethnic goodies we wanted.  We were packing!

The original plan was to leave on Thursday morning, October 1 - early!  We left this afternoon about 2:30, just a little off schedule!

When you move locally making multiple runs in a pickup and a big truck you  don't realize how much freakin' "stuff" you have.  I gave stuff away to my kids, my Granddaughter, a really good friend, and our landlord & his wife,  We threw out "stuff".  We filled a 26' truck to the roof and piled a 5 by 9 open trailer with "stuff" and we still had to leave stuff behind for another trip.  We weren't going to bring our bedroom set (Lord how I hate it) but our friends said there were no bedroom furniture on the "cheap" in North Dakota so we have to take it.  We've got 3 120 qt coolers full of frozen food, misc. other coolers with refrigerated food, and on and on.  Geeze!

 We just drove through Reno, Nevada.  The mini van is doing fine.  The cat is  tranqued out in his crate, the four dogs are asleep behind us.  Earlier we pulled over to let them potty and the Pomeranian yanked on his leash, Bob tripped over the 3 pugs and the chase was on!  The Pom likes to run, and he likes to have people chase him - but we cut him off and got him back.

Now it's raining.  Our untarped open trailer is somewhere ahead of us - and we are hoping Bob and Jerry can meet up here soon and get the tarp on the trailer.    The meeting is 14 miles away - and I'm off for now.