Infinite Child 2

Infinite Child 2
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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

It Has Been Too Long

Sage Hills Road - Beautiful!

WOW!  It was brought to my attention the other day that I hadn’t done anything with this blog in ages!   There is no excuse – it just didn’t seem like much was going on in my life – but I was reminded that a lot has happened since I last posted here and that there are a few people who used this blog to keep up to date on us.  

I’ll start with where we are and what we are doing now.  We’re in Warden, WA “work-camping” at Sage Hills Golf & RV Resort.   It is really a wonderful place, a bright green spot on the high desert of the Columbia Basin area of Washington.  

Club house, deck, & cart barn.
Sage Hills Golf & RV Resort ( has a  great crew of “work-campers” to  perform a wide variety of “jobs”, from mowing on the golf course to working in the Pro Shop or helping in the Sage (the on site restaurant & bar).  Bob and I really lucked out, he’s getting to work outside mowing and gets to work in the bar now and  then.  I’m in the Pro Shop and have the bonus of working in the restaurant – both front and back of house as I'm needed.  It's a great experience for someone who's wanted to cook in a restaurant for ages!  Working with the fantastic people is the best part of all!   We’ve both gotten our “food handlers” cards and our bartender’s cards. 

The trees were beautiful this spring.
Work-camping is a wonderful idea.  We put in “X” number of hours a week to cover our RV site and; hook-ups.  The real bonus here is golf!  All the golf you can play in your off time.  Bob is enjoying that – and I guess I’ll have to give it a try.  I’m learning a lot about golf just being around it.  Of course it doesn't hurt that Sage Hills is absolutely beautiful, it's a real joy to work in such a gorgeous place.  

We've really had fun meeting all the new people here; both the other people who work here and the customers.  People who are coming to the place where you work to "play", relax, and enjoy a good meal are what really can make a job a joy. 
Sunset over the Golf Course

Now you know where we are and what we're doing right now (well I'm writing this and Bob's out playing golf) I will promise to be more diligent about keeping this up and recounting how we got from North Dakota to Washington.  I'll also share the food we've found, cooked and shared with friends, and the foods we loved.   I hope you'll all enjoy   sharing this with us.  Please let me know.

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