Infinite Child 2

Infinite Child 2
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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Dereliction of Duty . . . Again

It occurred to me today that it has been so long since I've posted anything that I wound up spending half the day trying to log in to Blogspot.  A computer crash lost all my logins so it was a challenge - until I suddenly remembered.  Then I discovered it's been almost 2 years! Of course, this was going to be a blog about our travels . . . and so far we haven't done much of that.  It was also going to be about the food . . . and there has been a lot of that!  

Living in an RV offers it's own set of challenges to people who LOVE food and love to grow their own food.  This year we expanded our "garden" area and the results are wonderful.
 Our jalapeno plant went nuts on us and produced enough peppers (so far) for some pickled jalapenos and some pepper jam. We also had enough to add some to some wax peppers our lovely Niece Kim gave us for some more pickled peppers.  If you can imagine canning anything in an RV "kitchen" you will understand how precious each of these jars of home made goodies are.  I've got raspberry rhubarb jam, and pickled beets all done. 

Beautiful Porchetta!  Seasoned with fresh sage pesto.
Our expanded garden area also has, at last count, 6 or 7  beautiful butternut squashes growing.  Bob and I love butternuts so we are pretty happy about that.  There are so many wonderful recipes that can be made with them   I can't wait for the first roasted butternut - just cubed, tossed with some olive oil, salt & pepper, and some herbs from the garden (thyme and sage), the roasted at 375 until tender and the edges are caramelized.  It just screams fall to me & It would be perfect with Porchetta, hot and crispy out of the smoker!   Bob makes a perfect Porchetta - lightly smoked and crispy skinned with juicy pork rubbed with a sage pesto straight from our garden.  

As summer winds down my mind begins to think of all the wonderful fall foods while we're still feasting on the summer bounty. Our tomatoes are still loaded, the herbs are still lush.  
The golf course is beautiful in the afternoon sun!

Sage Hills Golf & RV Resort has to be one of the most beautiful places we've ever lived.  It's like an oasis in the middle of high desert farms, surrounded by sage brush and tumbleweeds.  I just thought I should share the view out of the kitchen window of the motor home.  I love the changing view - the sunsets and summer skies reflected in the pond are beautiful.  

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