Infinite Child 2

Infinite Child 2
Our Beautiful Dolphin motorhome

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Last night we stopped at the Holiday Hills RV park in Coalville, Utah.  It was a nice little park with full hook-ups, no cable & no wireless but so what.  They had two adorable looking little cabins.  
We got a nice start this morning and were thinking that we'd have no problem making our destination of Lusk, Wyoming.  Our first stop was at Fort Bridger, a very cool historical site that we would have enjoyed spending more time at - but they had a 4th of July parade and lots of festivities planned.  We opted to get on the highway while the getting was good.  I loved the flag flying over what was the parade grounds at the fort.

We were doing well going through Wyoming - we thought! The sky started getting dark, lots of SFC (scary f clouds). I pulled up and found out that we were in a severe thunderstorm area with 60 to 70 mph winds, quarter sized hail, and possibility of tornados. CRAP!  We decided to pull off the freeway and let the storm get further ahead of us just for safety's sake. When it looked like the coast was clear we pulled back onto the freeway.

It was a two lane construction (with oncoming traffic in the other lane) zone but Bob got the rig up on the freeway and we thought we were in good shape - until the big rig decided to pass us on the right (on the shoulder) and ran out of room just as the end of his trailer was going by. Whapped the side view mirror. I called the trucking company, they called the driver, and we had to all pull over to swap info etc. Dumba$$! He tried to tell Bob it was because he couldn't slow down in time so had to go around - dumba$$. 

Oh, did I mention the three vehicles that passed us in a no passing zone, one over a turn lane & island???? Here goes the last of the three.  People in this state drive weird - like they've never seen another car before - but it's downright beautiful and a little quirky.  

Well time to call it a night!  Tomorrow we've got some time to make up.

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